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Composite Bonding

Composite bonding Is a safe and effective solution that uses tooth-coloured composite resin to repair chipped or cracked teeth, improve discoloured teeth, close gaps between teeth,  lengthen and reshape one or more teeth, protect an exposed tooth root and more.  The bonding procedure uses adhesives to bond the composite directly to the tooth. This can then be shaped and polished to achieve the desired result. It’s a fast procedure, with no downtime, that can usually be done in a single visit. 

Teeth Straightening

Hardly anyone is born with naturally perfect teeth. Wye Dental is proud to offer a range of options to help you straighten out your teeth, including Invisalign, the most popular clear aligner system in the world. Teeth straightening isn't only about esthetics, there are some valid medical reasons for getting straighter teeth.

Depending on the severity of the misalignment, crooked teeth can cause various problems including speech issues, problems maintaining good oral health and more. We will assess your smile to decide which treatment you'll be the best candidate for and work with you to design a plan that you'll be happy with.

Teeth Whitening

Boost the brilliance of your teeth with our expert dental techniques coupled with cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best teeth whitening in Kent. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Stop letting discoloured teeth steal your confidence, book a consultation with us today.

Smile makeover

Think your smile is missing something? If you are unhappy with your smile’s appearance, a smile makeover can help. Smile makeovers involve a combination of at least two cosmetic dental procedures. You can choose from various procedures to achieve your dream smile. In order to determine the ideal treatments for you, we will first have a consultation in which we discuss the options that are available to you.  We share with you the plan we believe will deliver an outstanding result. Once you're happy, we'll proceed and you'll be on your way to a beautiful smile!

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are permanently attached to the front of your natural teeth to improve your smile. Veneers can be applied to just one tooth or multiple teeth. To make your veneers look as natural as possible, we consider them in the context of surrounding teeth. They will improve the aesthetics, and strength of your teeth. 

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