A durable solution to replace missing teeth and restore your smile and ability to chew properly

Missing or damaged teeth?

We don't need to remind you how disruptive that can be. Having missing teeth can impact the way you eat and speak, which can in turn knock your confidence. Being nervous about biting into your favourite food is anxiety you no longer have to live with. Our comfortable dental implant procedure is provided by world-class dentists who have extensive experience with implants.  A long-lasting screw is embedded directly into your jaw and bonds with the bone.  Implants can replace a single tooth or all. Once your implant is integrated (which can take a few months), it will look and feel exactly like your natural tooth—making chewing and smiling anxiety-free.  They stay in place and don’t require removal for cleaning or eating—just the same brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups as natural teeth.  And with proper care, your new dental implant can last a lifetime, making it a very worthy investment.

Mrs Angela Rivers


I had a missing tooth that was very visible whenever I smiled. I was so self conscious about it, to the point that I was always feeling embarassed to smile or laugh in public. A friend recommended I tried Dental Implant from Wye Dental. I now smile unapologetically. I feel whole again!

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