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Your Arrival

We have great transport links to the practice. We are 52 minutes from Kings Cross St Pancras Intl, 5 minute walk from Wye Station, 15 minutes drive from Ashford or 20 minutes from Canterbury. Those patients who choose to drive have sole use of our private driveway. Coming in through the front door, you’ll be greeted by one of our two wonderful reception staff, and are free to choose from a selection of hot beverages before (or after!) your appointment.

New Patients Lounge

When you’re comfortable in our patient lounge, we politely ask that you fill out a medical health form and answer a few questions about your dental health. This is then reviewed by the practice staff and helps us deliver more appropriate and comprehensive care.

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The Initial Conversation

We want to deliver comprehensive care to our patients. We spend time getting to know the real you – you’re more than teeth to us. We nurture a patient-clinician relationship that promotes honesty, understanding and trust. With these qualities, we have the confidence and comfort to work together with you to achieve fabulous long term results. We are in a unique position as a surgery that allows us to improve the lives of our patients on a daily basis – and we love doing so.


We are great believers in clinical photographs. Our patients love them, as do we. Many of our new patients have never seen their teeth like we do. We will spend time reviewing our clinical photographs with you, so you can understand how we see your oral health. Our patients find they are able to really understand what is happening with their mouth, and are never left feeling in the dark. We can then use the photographs to discuss the benefits of any treatment and show you where you’re doing well.

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Clinical Examination

Once you’re lying back in our comfortable newly re-upholstered treatment centre, we carry out an incredibly comprehensive twelve step examination. The key is that we will not leave you in the dark. We note all our findings, and once you’re sitting up we will discuss everything with you.


We share all our findings with you, because the transparency allows us to work together to improve your oral health.

Your Care Plan Proposal

If you need treatment to bring you back to oral health, we will openly discuss the options available. Once you’re happy, we will present you with a written tailored care plan. We will also provide you with literature on the techniques and materials we associate with your treatment. Our treatment coordinators will then go through the care plan to ensure you understand what to expect. Finally, they will arrange appointments convenient to you. Decisions are not final, and you’re always welcome to change your mind – healthcare is an evolving process and it can take time to digest what we have discussed.


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