Terms & Conditions

By attending our practice for dental care, maintenance and treatment you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff before making your appointments.


Treatment Planning

We will provide printed details of your treatment. If this plan changes due to radiographic or clinical findings, we will inform you and discuss this with you. If there are any points on your treatment plan that you wish to query, we ask that you bring this to our attention before further appointments are made rather than on the day of your appointment.


Consent Forms

Certain treatments require completion of a written consent form. This is in order to explain the treatment, aftercare and potential risks, before any of these treatments are carried out. In these cases, without signed informed consent we will not carry out treatment. A copy will saved on your dental records.



Wye Dental Surgery does not operate a credit account system and we require fees to be settled at the appointment where treatment is provided, unless previously agreed with Dr Parag Shah. Wye Dental Surgery reserves the right to charge time based deposits for booking future appointments. Deposits are deductible off the cost of treatment.


Debt Collection

If fees are not paid, we reserve the right to collect payment through a Debt Collection Agency. You will incur additional administration and interest fees if this is the case. We operate under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 and will exercise our right for our customers to indemnify us over the cost of collecting non-payments.


Late Cancellations & Missed Appointments

Wye Dental Surgery reserves the right to charge £12 for Routine checkup/review appointments, £22 for 30 minute hygienist appointments or 50% of the anticipated appointment fee for treatment appointments, in the event of a missed appointment or an appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. For appointments equal to or longer than 1 hour, we require at least 72 hours notice.

For free Invisalign consultations, only your first appointment is free. Only one free consultation per person. If you book a second consultation, or miss or rearrange your first appointment you will be asked to pay £37.50 at the appointment – unless the appointment is rearranged by us.


Turning Up Late

In some cases being late for appointments can be unavoidable. Please be aware that your appointment is timed based on the complexity of your clinical situation. Arriving late will put time pressure on our staff to deliver your care within the remaining time. If this is not possible without risking prognosis or outcome, or we risk running late for the following patient, we will ask you to rearrange. If you are more than 10 minutes late, please be aware that you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.



Guaranteeing healthcare is impossible, as there are absolutely no certainties of success. At Wye Dental Surgery our ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges and Implant crowns are guaranteed for a period of 6 months  following placement and our direct restorations for 6 months, provided the following conditions are met:

    1. The patient has fully paid for the treatment and does not owe the practice any money for the treatment received.
    1. The veneers, crowns & implant crowns have not been damaged as a result of an accident, trauma or excessive grinding. Implants are not guaranteed.
    1. The patient has followed all post treatment maintenance recommendations made by our dentists.
    1. The treatment in question was the option recommended by the dentist, not a lesser alternative.
    1. It was a material failure and not one caused by neglect, poor oral hygiene, decay, gum disease, biological failure, death of the tooth nerve etc.
  1. The patient has attended routine examination every 6 months with Wye Dental Surgery and hygiene maintenance with Wye Dental Surgery every 6 months unless recommended 3, 4, 9 or 12 month intervals.


Medical History

It is very important that you give a full medical history and details of any medication you take. Should these change in any way, it is very important for you to tell your Dentist. It is the patient’s responsibility. We will determine what is relevant and what is not, as you may not be aware of the interactions between common medication and materials used in dentistry.


Use of Images and X-rays

Wye Dental Surgery may use images and x-rays of your smile and teeth only, for marketing and educational purposes on our website, and on promotional and educational literature. Our principal dentist lectures and may use your images to educate. Your name will never be published. However, if you do not wish for us to use your images and x-rays in this way, please let us know.


Use of Patient Contact Details

We like to remind our patients of their appointments, when they are due for appointments, and other various important reminders. You may be periodically contacted by the clinic via phone, text, email or by letter in the post. If you do not wish to be contacted by the clinic by any or all of these means, please let us know.


Complaints Policy

At Wye Dental Surgery we always take complaints about any aspects of our services very seriously, in order to ensure that every patient has only the very best experience at all times. Concerns can be made in writing by filling out a simple complaints form available from reception, or via email through our online website contact form, by the patient or by an authorised person on the patient’s behalf. Complaints should be made to the ‘Wye Dental Surgery Principal’, and should be clear, so that they can be dealt with efficiently. Every complaint will receive immediate written/email acknowledgment, and the Management will strive to resolve the complaint within a quick, reasonable period of time (usually about 2 weeks). For our full complaints procedure and policy, please ask a member of our reception team. If a complaint is about any aspect of clinical care or associated charges it will normally be acknowledged by the management team and then referred to the treating Dentist. If you are unsatisfied with our internal handling of your complaint, you are free to forward your complaint to the Dental Complaints Service (www.dentalcomplaints.org.uk). If still unsatisfied, you may wish to forward your complaint to the General Dental Council.


No Tolerance/Abuse Policy

At Wye Dental Surgery we operate a zero tolerance policy to abuse towards our clinicians and auxiliary staff, loud/disorderly/drunken behavior, persistent missing and/or late cancellation of appointments (after multiple warnings). In these situations, Wye Dental Surgery reserves the right to refuse treatment and admission.


Data Protection Act 2017 & GDPR 2017

We store all patient personal details on an off site secure computer system in accordance with the Data Protection Act. All clinical notes, digital radiographs, digital photographs and study models etc remain the property of Wye Dental Surgery unless handed to the patient. Copies of notes, radiographs and photographs can be made available on request, and Wye Dental Surgery reserves the right to charge an administration fee for these. Please submit a written and signed request to Dr Parag Shah. Our full confidentiality policy is available at wyedental.co.uk/confidentiality/ and our GDPR Policy at wyedental.co.uk/GDPR