Teeth Whitening

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What is tooth whitening?


Legal Tooth Whitening uses safe, specially manufactured gels to lighten the natural colour of your teeth without removing tooth tissue or damaging the tooth structure.


Why whiten my teeth?


There are many personal reasons why men and women every day chose to whiten their teeth with us. Below are a few examples of reasons they have shared with us:

  • Boost to self esteem and confidence that comes from having a great smile
  • Treat or present to themselves
  • Achieve a more youthful appearance
  • Achieve a healthier appearance
  • Whiter teeth are considered a sign of good personal hygiene
  • For a special event (e.g. wedding, job interview, romantic occasions)
  • To make a positive first impression
  • To simply reverse years of staining from food and drink



What does tooth whitening involve?


Legal tooth whitening uses a specially formulated Hydrogen Peroxide gel  that is specifically designed for teeth.  The process involves your dentist taking moulds of your teeth, from which custom made plastic trays are made that fit over your teeth (they won’t fit in anyone else’s mouth).  These are called whitening trays.


These are worn at home. If you choose to have in office whitening then we also have one 2 hour session in the clinic where we put a light activated gel directly on the teeth for faster whitening.

How long does it take?


In office whitening takes 2 hours, with additional time at home if you wish to top up. Home whitening takes anywhere from 1 or 4 weeks for 90% of patients, to 6 months for those with congenital staining from medication or genetics.

Request your complimentary ‘Teeth Whitening’ information pack

We Offer Three Types of Teeth Whitening

Pola Day

This system is your traditional teeth whitening, which is carried out at home in your own time – usually overnight. You are given whitening trays and gel, which you wear for a period every day. You can expect teeth to become approximately four shades lighter. The success is highly dependent on your compliance and correct use of the gels and trays. Depending on your desired result and adherence to useage, you may need to purchase additional gels.

Zoom Whitening

This system provides more of a convenience than the home whitening, as it doesn’t require patient compliance and results are seen quicker. You have 4 x 15 minute sessions in one appointment. We place a gel over your teeth and activate it with a special blue lamp. You can expect teeth to become approximately four shades lighter in the one session. To make the most of the whitening treatment we give you two syringes of gel and trays to take home and use as top ups over the following few days. If you want whiter teeth, you can purchase the top up gels we sell with these trays as you would for normal home bleaching.


This is our boutique whitening system. We guarantee shade B1 white teeth. A powerful gel and well designed and adapted whitening trays ensure predictable results and great patient satisfaction. We guarantee whiter teeth with this system. This is the recommended system for those with heavily stained teeth, either from birth, through trauma or diet/lifestyle or those looking for the best whitening results. It works in similar fashion to home whitening, where we give you the gels and the trays to use at home.

We take pride in educating our patients in what their treatment entails.

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